Toronto Airport Parking Services

The Short-Term and Long-Stay Options at Toronto Airport

Parking at Toronto Airport: What are the Options?

Short-term and long-stay parking lots, valet services, free pick-up and drop-off zones, and even pre-arranged parking are available at Pearson airport. Verily, the busiest Canadian Airport can cope with the parking needs of its passengers and visitors most efficiently. In detail, the Toronto airport parking options are as follows:

The Express Parking at Toronto Airport

Located nearby terminal 1, the Express Parking Lot is a covered parking option, ideal for pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as for up-to-3-hour stays. The parking lies 2-3 minutes from the terminal building and doesn’t provide advance reservations. What’s more, it offers accessible parking spots, along with 10 charging points for electric vehicles. The EV charging stations are to be found at Level 4, on Number 19 of Aisle C. 

The Daily Parking at Toronto Airport

The Daily Parking facilities are to be found both at terminal 1 and terminal 3 of Toronto International Airport. Verily, the two parking lots serve the parking needs of passengers arriving or departing from either of the two terminals. Moreover, they are preferred for pick-ups and drop-offs (mainly for T3 pick-ups and drop-offs, as T1 is also served by the even closer Express Parking). The parking lots are situated 3-5 minutes from each terminal, connected to the terminal doors via climate-controlled passageways. They are covered and have designated areas for persons with disabilities, while the T3 Daily Parking houses 10 charging stations located at Level 3, at Number 5 of Aisle D. Passengers opting for the T1 Daily Parking can use the EV charging stations of the Express Park. Online reservations are possible for the spots in the Daily Parking Garages. 

The Preferred Parking at Toronto Airport

Not only can you book your parking spot in advance at Toronto Pearson Airport, but you can reserve a specific parking place and avoid wandering around the parking lots until finding an empty spot. Thus, Preferred Parking at Toronto Airport is an alternative that can save a significant amount of time from the parking procedures. In fact, you can benefit from this Toronto airport parking alternative, whatever your destination/departure terminal is. For parking at T1, you should follow the “Preferred Park” signs to Level 3 e4 of the T1 Daily Parking and leave your car a 3-5 walking distance from the terminal building, whereas the T3 signage will lead you to the parking entrance for the Preferred Park, lying just 2-3 minutes from the terminal. Please note that there are available amenities for persons with special needs but no charging points for electric vehicles.

The Valet Services and the Fast-Track Parking at Pearson Airport

Apart from the all-time classic Valet Services, Toronto Airport also offers Fast-Track Parking (the old Express Valet option). Thus, you can opt for the utmost convenient Valet Parking, leaving your car curbside at the T1 Departures level (at Post 9) and having the airport’s staff park it for you, while picking it up from Level 5 of the T1 Parking Lot once returning at the YYZ Airport. Please keep in mind that Valet Services are provided only at T1 and that opting for the Valet option allows you to also benefit from the car-washing or the EV charging amenities.

Alternatively, you can leave your keys at the Customer Care Office of the T1 Parking Lot and have the parking personnel park your vehicle. From that point, you’ll have to walk 2-3 minutes to enter the terminal. You can make your reservation in advance or book your lot on the spot. Passengers with disabilities can opt for the Fast Track parking option as well, while if you want your electric vehicle to get charged, all you have to do is ask. Nevertheless, the Fast-Track Parking is available only at T1 Parking Garage.

The Long-Term Value Parking at Toronto Airport

The covered Value Park Garage and the open Value Park Lot are the ideal alternatives for travelers looking for long-term and affordable parking options. Hence, the Value Park Garage is located within a 6-12-minute drive with the free APM Terminal Link Train from the two Toronto airport terminals and is equipped with accessible parking spaces as well.

On the other hand, the Value Park Lot has 14 accessible parking spots, while passengers need 9-15 minutes to reach the terminals via the automated Link Train. The airport’s complimentary light train runs around the clock, with a 4-8-minute frequency depending on the time of the day.

The Viscount Station Reserved Parking at Toronto Airport

The Viscount Station Reserved Parking is another low-cost choice for YYZ passengers planning on leaving their vehicle at the airport for a long period of time. The Viscount Station Lot accepts only online reservations. As a matter of fact, its prices vary, while early bookings usually lead to lower fares. The lot is uncovered and has 2 accessible parking spaces. It is linked to the terminals via the Link Train, running 24/7 every 4-8 minutes and getting from the Viscount Station Parking Lot to the Toronto airport terminals in about 6-12 minutes. 

The Picking-up and Dropping-off Options at Toronto Airport

You’ll have various options when it comes to picking up or dropping off your loved ones at Toronto Pearson Airport. To begin with, you can use the Free Pearson Cell Phone Lot, where you are allowed to stay for up to 45 minutes (yet inside the vehicle). The parking lot is also equipped with EV charging points, out of charge as well.

The Express Pass is your second option. Hence, you can use the T1 and T3 parking facilities for free for an up-to-18-minute time limit. If you exceed that time, you’ll be charged parking fees. However, an in-advance reservation is required. You can’t opt for the Express Pass on the spot.

If you don’t mind the expenses, you can leave your vehicle at the Express Parking of Toronto airport terminal 1 or the Daily Parking of T3, which cover the majority of the short-term airport parking needs.

Please note that you can stop outside the Departures and the Arrivals exit doors, but just for 1 minute. Parking on the adjacent-to-the-terminals streets is not only strictly prohibited but also dangerous. If you stay for a longer period of time or leave your car on the terminal’s roadsides, your vehicle will be photographed, and you’ll receive a fine. As far as the YYZ passengers with disabilities are concerned, there are designated drop-off zones outside each terminal’s Departures.

Our Tip: International arrivals require a 1-3-hour time for customs and other necessary procedures. Thus, you should plan your arrival at the airport wisely to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Park & Ride at Pearson Airport

If you want to leave your vehicle at the airport and travel to Toronto fast and hassle-free, you should settle on the Park & Ride option. Paying just 35$ (25.50 USD/24€), you can leave your car at the T1 Daily Parking and head to the Pearson UP Express Station lying next to the Terminal Link Train. Specifically, once dropping off your vehicle, you’ll have to head to the Level 5 West Lobby, following the signs displaying “Train to City”. Please remember to carry your ID or passport with you as you’ll be asked to hand over your voucher and an identification document before entering the UP Train. With the UP Train, you’ll travel to Toronto stress-free. The train operates from 05:27 am to 11:27 pm on weekdays and from 06:27 am to 11:27 pm on weekends and holidays. On peak times, it runs every 15 minutes and needs around 25 minutes to get downtown. The Park & Ride the UP allows parking and Up travels for families (2 adults with up to 3 children up to 19 years of age). It is a value-for-money option. Still, you should keep in mind that with the Park & Ride voucher, parking in that airport is allowed for up to 24 hours, whereas the ticket for the UP Train is valid for 7 hours from its first use.

Our Tip 1: You’ll find airport shuttles to various off-airport parking lots.


Our Tip 2: Apart from the terminals’ parking garages, EV charging stations are to be found at the Cell Phone Parking Lot and 3111 Convair Dr.

Toronto Airport Parking Fees

The cost of your parking at Toronto Airport depends on various factors: the chosen parking facility, opting for in-advance bookings or reservations on the spot, and even the time of the day are only some of them. Explicitly, you can check out the prices for each of the Toronto airport parking lots:

Parking Area 0-20’/Every 20′ from 12:00 pm – 07:59 pm 0-20’/Every 20′ from 08:00 pm – 11:59 am Daily 1st Week Each Additional Day
T1 Daily Park 7$/5.10 USD/4.80€ 6$/4.40 USD/4.10€ 38$/27.80USD/26€ 215$/157 USD/147€ 38$/27.80USD/26€
T3 Daily Park 6$/4.40 USD/4.10€ 5$/3.60 USD/3.40€ 38$/27.80USD/26€ 215$/157 USD/147€ 38$/27.80USD/26€
Express Park 6$/4.40 USD/4.10€ 5$/3.60 USD/3.40€ 59$/43 USD/40€ 59$/-43 USD/40€
Preferred Parking 6.50$/4.70 USD/4.40€ 6.50$/4.70 USD/4.40€ 42$/30.60 USD/28.70€ 235$/171 USD/160€ 42$/30.60 USD/28.70€
Valet Care 20$/14.50 USD/13.60€ (one-time fee to all rates) 20$/14.50 USD/13.60€ (one-time fee to all rates) 56$/40.80 USD/38€ 275$/200 USD/187.50€ 56$/40.80 USD/38€
Value Park Garage 30$/21.80 USD/20.40€ 250$/109 USD/102€ 30$/21.80 USD/20.40€
Value Park Lot 25$/18.20 USD/17€ 130$/95 USD/89€ 25$/18.20 USD/17€



Where is the best place to park at Toronto Airport?

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the right parking spot at Toronto Airport. Thus, for short-term parking needs, the T1 Express Park and the Daily Parking of T3 are the ideal choices, whereas long-term parking services are provided by the much more affordable Value Park Garage and Value Park Lot and the Viscount Station Reserved Lot. On the other hand, if you are looking for the utmost parking experience at Pearson Airport, you should definitely opt for the provided Valet Services. 

How much does it cost to park at Toronto Airport?

In general terms, parking at Toronto Airport is considered a mid-range option. Hence, a 1-day stay at the Daily Garages costs 38$/27.80USD/26€, while the daily fare for the Express Park is 59$/43 USD/40€. Conversely, long-term parking lots are cheaper. Verily, you’ll be charged 30$/21.80 USD/20.40€ if parking your car for one day at the Value Park Garage and 25$/18.20 USD/17€ if leaving it at the Value Park Lot. The Viscount Station Parking doesn’t have a set price table. In fact, early, in-advance bookings can ferret out tempting deals.

What is the best long-term parking at YYZ?

The Value Park Lot is the cheapest parking facility at Toronto Pearson Airport, whereas the Value Park Garage is slightly costlier as it is covered. Still, the two Toronto airport parking options are ideal for passengers searching for a long-term parking alternative at YYZ.

Is there free parking at Pearson?

Parking on the street is strictly prohibited in Toronto Pearson Airport and almost certainly leads to fines. However, you can opt for the Express Pass (you must reserve it online) and leave your car for 18 minutes at the T1 and T3 Parking Garages out of charge or park for free for 45 minutes at the Cell Phone Waiting Area (but stay inside the car at all times).