Toronto Airport Taxi

All Information for Taxi Fees and Prices, Taxi Stands and Popular Routes

Why Take a Toronto Airport Taxi

Toronto airport taxis are greatly appreciated by travelers searching for a direct and comfortable way to get to their destination in Toronto. Verily, Toronto taxis are always available at the YYZ taxi ranks, patiently waiting to offer their services no matter the time of the day or the day of the week. Please keep in mind that only cabs lining up at the taxi ranks are licensed. Thus, it is strongly advisable to refuse rides from individual drivers, even if offering tempting prices. Despite their claims, they will almost certainly overcharge you. In any case, distinguishing a licensed taxi vehicle is an easy task. An official Toronto taxi has a taxi light on its roof indicating its availability, as well as its plate number on the vehicle’s side. Moreover, inside the cab, the driver’s info (including a photo), the price table, and a useful guide about the passengers’ rights and the complaint-filing procedure should be clearly displayed.

Besides being available around the clock, a Toronto airport taxi will drive you to the exact location of your destination, while you’ll have your personal belongings safely stored in the trunk and not fully exposed inside the bus or the train. Once reaching your journey’s end, you’ll take your luggage and check in to your hotel hassle-free. Even though dependent on the road traffic, Pearson airport taxis usually offer set fares. Thus, heavy traffic may raise the duration of your journey but not the cost. Conversely, Toronto public transit modes will take you to your accommodation at a significantly lower price than a Toronto taxi ride. Still, you’ll have to carry your luggage all along, try to find the right disembarking stop, as well as your way from that point to your hotel. All in all, Toronto airport taxis aren’t cheap. However, they are efficient and comfortable.

Toronto Airport Taxi Rates and Prices

Even though Toronto taxis are metered, Toronto airport taxis offer set fares for rides from the airport. Thus, each taxi company has its own price list, charging flat rates according to the destination. You can ask the driver to show you the map displaying the price for each Toronto area. For example, a taxi ride from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto costs 61$/44 USD/41€. On the other hand, even if tipping in Toronto is optional, passengers usually tip their driver (10%-15% of the final fare) for pleasant drives. Payments can be made both in cash and via bank cards. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to check with the Toronto taxi driver before starting your journey.

Our Tip: Apart from the ordinary Toronto taxicabs, you can also opt for a limo -the luxury black car- which is 10% costlier though.

Toronto Airport Taxi Rate to Popular Destinations

As the ride with a Toronto airport taxi comes with a flat rate, you know what to expect from your transit from YYZ Airport to your destination. Whether you are heading to the city center or some other area inside or outside the city limits, you can check the exact cost of your taxi ride. Explicitly, you can take a glimpse at the Toronto airport taxi rate of some of the most popular Toronto destinations:


FromToPrice (CA$)Price (USD)Price (€)Duration
Toronto AirportToronto City Center
61444130-40 min
Toronto AirportBrampton62454225 min
Toronto AirportMarkham74545030 min
Toronto AirportHamilton111807545-50 min
Toronto AirportWaterloo16512011260 min
Toronto AirportNiagara Falls20815114180 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Toronto Pearson Airport?

The airport taxi ranks are to be found at both Toronto airport terminals on the Arrivals level. Thus, once retrieving your luggage, you should follow the signs to the taxi stand, lying close to the Door D of T1. On the other hand, taxis are queuing up right after Doors D, E, and F of T3. If you are up for a limo ride from Toronto International Airport, you should head to the Door C of T1 or the Door F of T3. 

Airport Taxi from Toronto Airport to Hotel

Door-to-door drives, pleasant and safe rides, and around-the-clock services are only some of the reasons why you should opt for an airport taxi from Toronto Airport to your hotel. All you’ll have to do is retrieve your luggage and head to the airport taxi rank. Taxis are always available there. Hence, after catching your cab, you’ll reach your hotel stress-free. On the other hand, if you want to save money on your airport ride, you should check if your hotel provides complimentary airport shuttle services.

Toronto Airport Taxi Tips

  • Under no circumstances should you trust individual drivers approaching you at the airport. Indeed, some single scamming incidents have been reported to take place in the airport.
  • Special taxis for persons with disabilities are available at Toronto International Airport yet upon request. Toronto taxi drivers can’t deny rides to people with special needs or charge extra fees for wheelchairs or similar equipment. The pick-up taxi areas, in that case, are close to the Door C of T1 and the Door F of T3.
  • Even though Toronto airport taxi drivers can refuse rides with pets, they are obligated to permit service animals.
  • Moreover, they can’t pick rides. They have to drive you to the destination of your choice, even if it lies close by.
  • The airport staff is always present at the taxi ranks. Thus, in case of waiting lines, they call for more vehicles.
  • If you carry excessive luggage or travel with a more-than-four-person company, you’ll have to catch a van. Vans come with a 15$/11 USD/10€ extra fee.
  • Numerous ride-sharing companies operate at Toronto International Airport.
  • Although taxis are always available at the airport, you can also pre-book one. The pick-up areas for pre-arranged taxicabs and limos are located in T1’s and T3’s Door A.


Is it easy to get a taxi from Toronto Airport?​

Toronto airport taxis are queuing up around the clock at the taxi ranks lying outside the terminals’ Arrivals level. Hence, no matter when landing at Toronto International Airport, you’ll find an available cab for your journey to your accommodation. During peak hours, a waiting line for a taxi may occur. Still, the airport personnel is always on tap to decongest the taxi ranks.

How much is a taxi from Toronto Airport to city?

Toronto airport taxis offer set prices. Thus, depending on your destination, you’ll know the exact cost of your ride from YYZ Airport. The journey with a taxi from Toronto Airport to downtown lasts 30-40 minutes. Heavy traffic considerably affects the traveling time. Still, the taxi rate remains the same, at 61$/44 USD/41€.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Toronto?

You aren’t obligated to tip your taxi driver in Toronto. Still, when the taxi services are adequate, it is customary to leave a tip. In fact, the usual tip for Toronto airport taxi drivers is 10%-15% of the final fare.