How to Get from Toronto Airport to Kitchener

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Transit Options from Toronto Airport to Kitchener

Kitchener is one of Ontario’s hidden gems. Located 54 miles/87km from Toronto International Airport in the municipality of Waterloo, the city of Kitchener is the perfect place to escape from purely urban vibes and combine the city’s comfort with a countryside ambiance. Housing many attractions -from THEMUSEUM and the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery to the Doon Heritage Village and Victoria Park- the Kitchener has more than meets the eye. Hence, if you want to explore this often-neglected Waterloo destination, you can catch one of the 24/7 Toronto airport taxis or book a lavish private airport transfer. On the other hand, airport car rentals are ideal for visiting the surrounding sights as well, whereas bus lines provide cheap connections from Toronto Airport to Kitchener. 

Our Tip: Rail rides are also an option. Thus, you can train the UP Express Train to Union Station and change to the VIA Rail heading to Kitchener. However, your journey will be costlier, considerably more time-consuming, and will entail a lot of hassle due to the change of lines.


OptionsPrice (CA$)Price (USD)Price (€)Duration
Taxi15411410660 min
Bus16121150-65 min

Toronto Airport to Kitchener by Taxi

If you have settled on a comfortable taxi ride from Toronto Airport to Kitchener, you should head to the airport taxi ranks lying close to Door D of T1 and Doors D, E, and F of T3. Taking your Toronto airport taxi from the taxi stands is crucial so as not to get scammed by individual, unlicensed drivers approaching travelers and offering them so-called low taxi fares. Verily, taxis are always lining up at the Toronto airport taxi ranks. Even during rush hours, waiting lines are manageable as the airport’s staff is always present, working on providing a smooth experience to YYZ passengers.

The duration of the travel from Pearson Airport to Kitchener is around 60-70 minutes. When roads are congested, traveling time can be up to 100 minutes. The cost of your ride will be somewhat 154$/114 USD/106€. Please keep in mind that more than 4 passengers or excessive luggage bring an extra 15$/11 USD/10€ price. Conversely, tipping isn’t obligatory. Still, pleasant services are usually rewarded with a 10%-15% tip. You can pay for your taxi fare in cash or via a credit/debit card. However, you should always check with your driver before beginning your ride just to cover all bases.

Our Tip: Should you want to use a ride-sharing service, you’ll find plenty of agencies present at Toronto Airport.

Toronto Airport to Kitchener by Bus

bus ride is the most affordable way to travel from Pearson Airport to Kitchener. The long-distance ONEXBUS lines leave from T1’s Arrivals (on the Ground level, in front of Post P2-P4) and head to Kitchener Sportsworld Station, outside the GO Bus Station Park & Ride facility. The journey lasts around 50-65 minutes under light traffic and costs approximately 16$/12 USD/11€. Nevertheless, last-minute reservations are usually pricier. Buses run from 03:10 am to 08:45 pm approximately every 3-4 hours. You’ll find 7 available routes on a daily basis. 

You can buy your ticket for the bus from Pearson Airport to Kitchener online or through the phone. Tickets can also be bought from the driver, yet upon availability. Hence, you can purchase your ticket before entering the bus, but only if there are available seats. In that case, drivers accept only cash payments. As a matter of fact, you’ll have to hand over the exact amount of money. Kids between 2 and 10 years of age pay a discounted fare, whereas younger children travel for free if seated on their parent’s lap.

Car Rental from Toronto Airport to Kitchener

If you are a DIY type of traveler and you want to plan your own schedule during your trips, you’ll certainly appreciate Toronto airport car rentals. With a car rental, not only will you travel from Pearson Airport to Kitchener stress-free, but you’ll be able to explore the nearby areas at your own pace. Thus, if you are in for a car-rental experience, you should make your reservation in advance. In fact, early bookings usually equate with better deals and a wider variety of available vehicles.

The journey from Toronto Airport to Kitchener should last around 60-70 minutes under normal traffic conditions. However, during peak hours, roads tend to get congested. In that case, the duration of your trip may rise to even 100 minutes. As soon as you arrive at Kitchener, you’ll have to park your Toronto car rental. Opting for an accommodation option providing parking services is always handy. However, if this isn’t the case, you should search for one of the 300, free for up-to-two-hour stays, parking spots in downtown Kitchener or head to one of the municipal parking lots. Surface municipal parking lots are free after 05:00 pm and on weekends. Alternatively, many private parking garages are scattered around the city.

Toronto Airport Transfers from Pearson Airport to Kitchener

If you are looking for the ultimate traveling option from Toronto Pearson Airport to Kitchener, you should take Toronto airport transfers into consideration. When booking a Toronto airport transfer, you can expect your driver waiting for you at YYZ Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your baggage, while the vehicle of your choice will be parked only a few minutes away. Should you have any questions about your journey in Ontario, the area-knowledgeable driver will be more than happy to answer them on your way to the front door of your accommodation in Kitchener. Still, are you concerned about the cost of your trip? As various private airport companies operate at YYZ Airport, finding a value-for-money option is simply a matter of searching and comparing vehicle models and prices.


How to transfer from Toronto Airport to Kitchener?

You’ll find plenty of options for your travel from Pearson Airport to Kitchener. Hence, you can catch an airport taxi or book a luxurious Toronto airport transfer. Moreover, car rentals are always a good idea if planning on exploring Kitchener’s nearby regions. On the other hand, bus rides are the most affordable way to get from the airport to your final destination. 

How much does it cost to go from Toronto to Kitchener?

A taxi ride from Toronto Airport to Kitchener costs around 154$/114 USD/106€. Conversely, the journey by bus is much more affordable. Hence, the ticket for the bus from Pearson Airport to Kitchener is priced at around 16$/12 USD/11€.