Toronto Taxis

From Taxi Fares to General Guidelines about the Taxis in Toronto

Taxis in Toronto: Overview

Toronto taxis are one of the most comfortable ways to travel within the city limits. Although not especially recommended for long rides (as they can end up quite expensive), they are widespread, being an ideal transit option when traveling with children or heavy luggage. Still, they are dependent on traffic levels. Hence, they are a controversial alternative during rush hours, even more so if being in a rush.

Toronto Taxi Fares

Toronto taxi fares are regulated. Thus, the initial rate (for the first 0.143km/0.08 mile) is 4.25$/3.10 USD/2.90€, and the price per 0.143km/0.08 mile after that distance is 0.25$/0.18 USD/0.17€. The same fee applies for every 29 seconds of waiting time. Extra charges may occur. Verily, intermediate stops, excess luggage, toll fees, more than 4 passengers, and multiple drop-offs should raise the final price.

Plenty of taxi companies operate in Toronto. Although the set prices are obligatory for all providers, taxi companies can offer pre-determined fares as long as they don’t exceed those limits. In that case, the taximeter will still be running during the ride, and if once reaching the destination, it displays a lower fare, you’ll have to pay that lower price.

Payment Methods

Toronto taxi drivers accept payments both in cash and via bank cards. As a matter of fact, they aren’t allowed to charge extra for card payments. In any case, it is always recommended to let the driver know that you are planning on using your bank card to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the ride.

How to Hire a Taxi in Toronto

Toronto taxis are everywhere. Their number is sufficient, adequately covering the city’s needs. Thus, you can easily hail a taxi from the street. All you’ll have to do is stand at the curb and look for a taxi with its roof light on, displaying its availability. However, this is not the case if trying to catch a cab outside downtown Toronto. As moving away from the city center and coming closer to the suburbs, finding a taxi becomes more and more difficult, even impossible. In that case (as well as if you don’t want to wait on the street), you can call a taxi or use a taxi app. What’s more, taxi ranks are scattered n front of the major city hotels as well as of the main Toronto sightseeing. 

How to Distinguish an Official Toronto Taxi

Although scamming incidents aren’t a usual phenomenon in Toronto, you should always check if your cab is licensed before starting your ride. So, how are you going to be 100% sure about the legitimacy of your Toronto taxi? Taxis in Toronto don’t have a distinctive color after all. To begin with, you should notice the plate number, also written on the front side of the vehicle. The plate number is necessary if you want to make an official complaint about the ride. Moreover, once entering the cab, the following should be clearly displayed in the vehicle’s interior: the driver’s info including a photo, a list of the customer’s rights, instructions on how to make a complaint, and the taxi’s price table. Naturally, the taxi must also have the typical light on its roof.

Toronto Taxis to Toronto Airport

Toronto taxis are one of the most convenient transit options to get to Toronto Pearson Airport from downtown Toronto. Taxicabs, along with luxurious limos, are waiting at the airport taxi ranks, on tap to drive you to your destination no matter the day or the time. Overall, the journey from the heart of the city to YYZ lasts around 30 minutes under normal traffic conditions, while the cost of a taxi to Toronto Airport is flat, at 61$/44 USD/41€.

Useful Information about Taxis in Toronto

  • Once entering your Toronto taxi, you should check if the taximeter is zeroed and on. If the taximeter isn’t running, the ride is considered out of charge.
  • Taxi journeys from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto come with a set price.
  • You should always check the taxi’s plate number. It will be extremely useful in case of forgotten items or filing a complaint or compliment.
  • Although tipping isn’t compulsory, it is highly customary. Thus, for pleasant rides, passengers usually give a 10%-15% tip to the taxi driver.
  • Toronto taxi drivers can’t deny rides. Hence, they are obligated to drive you to your desired destination, no matter how close it might be.
  • Toronto taxi drivers can’t deny rides to persons with disabilities and/or service animals.
  • They can’t refuse rides with pets (service animals should be always permitted).
  • Wheelchairs aren’t charged extra.
  • Every additional passenger beyond four brings an extra 2$/1.46 USD/1.37€ fee.
  • Many ride-sharing companies offer their services in Toronto.


How do you call a taxi in Toronto?

Toronto taxis can be easily flagged down in the city center. They are numerous and circulate around the city on a 24-hour basis. Moreover, taxi ranks are to be found in front of the main hotels of Toronto and the major sights. Last but not least, all Toronto taxi companies offer their services via their apps or phone. 

Are taxis expensive in Toronto?

Taxis in Toronto aren’t certainly a low-budget option. They are even somewhat costlier than other big cities. Still, their prices aren’t exaggerated. Nevertheless, using Toronto taxis for all transits during your stay will add considerable expense to your travel budget.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Toronto?

Tipping in Toronto isn’t obligatory. Still, passengers relishing pleasant rides usually tip their Toronto taxi driver. A usual tip is 10%-15% of the final fare.