How to Get from Toronto Airport to Downtown Toronto

Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ)Transportation

Transit Options from Toronto Airport to Downtown

The largest Canadian airport is 17 miles/28km from the city center. Nevertheless, Toronto International Airport is well-connected to the nearby areas and even more so to the heart of the city. Thus, if you want to travel from Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto after landing at YYZ, you’ll have plenty of options in your hands. Do you value luxury and comfort? Toronto airport taxis and private airport transfers should be the optimal choices for you. On the other hand, if you are a “free-spirit” traveler, you would appreciate an autonomous airport car rental, whereas bus lines and UP train rides should definitely see eye to eye with your budget.


OptionsPrice (CA$)Price (USD)Price (€)Duration
Taxi61444130-40 min
Bus3.20-9.602.30-7.102.16-6.5045-90 min
Train12.3598.4025 min

Toronto Airport to Downtown by Taxi

Toronto airport taxis are, without a doubt, one of the most popular ways to travel from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto. They are always available at the YYZ taxi ranks, no matter the time or the day. Thus, if your arrival terminal is Toronto terminal 1, you should follow the signs to the taxi rank lying at the Arrivals level, closeby to Door D. The T3 taxi stand is also to be found at the Arrivals level, next to Doors D, E, and F. It is highly recommended to take your taxi from the official airport taxi ranks, as individual drivers may try to overcharge you.

Once entering your cab, you can expect to reach the city center in about 20-30 minutes. High traffic levels can raise that time to 40-60 minutes though. As far as the cost of your ride is concerned, although Toronto taxis are metered, airport taxis offer set fares. Hence you should expect an average 61$/44 USD/41€ fee for your journey to Toronto, depending on the exact location of your destination. Payments are accepted in cash and via bank cards. Still, you should check with your driver to be on the safe side. Tipping isn’t obligatory. However, a 10%-15% tip is customary for pleasant rides.

Our Tip 1: Ride-sharing is also an option at Pearson Airport.

Our Tip 2: Excessive luggage or more than 4 four passengers require a van vehicle. Vans cost an extra 15$/11 USD/10€ fee.

Toronto Airport to Downtown by Bus

Various bus lines connect Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto. Still, none of them provides direct transit to the city center. Despite that fact, they remain the cheapest alternative, thus being highly appreciated by travelers on a tight budget.

Hence, the following (wheelchair-accessible as well) bus lines link the airport to subway hubs, from where subway lines run to the city center on a frequent basis:

  • The TTC Bus Line 52 (Lawrence West): Bus 52 leaves from Toronto airport terminals 1 and 3 every 10 minutes from 06:00 am (08:00 am on Sundays) to 01:00 am. Hopping on the bus, you’ll reach Lawrence West Station in about 45 minutes. Taking the Subway Line 1 (Yonge-UNIVERSITY) towards Finch Station, you’ll be at the heart of the city in around 25 minutes, with a total transit duration of 60 minutes.
  • The Bus Line 900 (Airport Express): Running from 06:00 am to 01:00 am (from 08:00 am on Sundays), Bus 900 operates at a 10-minute frequency and is kitted with luggage racks. However, if you opt for the express bus, you should be prepared for two subway-line changes. Hence, the Bus Line 900 will take you to its terminus, Kipling Station. There, you’ll have to get the Subway Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth) towards Kennedy Station and hop off the train at Saint George Station.  A final change to Subway Line 1 will be required to get to Union Station. Overall, the duration of your journey will be 70 minutes.
  • The Night Buses 300 (Bloor-Danforth) and 332 (Eglinton West): During the night (from 01:30 am to 06:00 am/ to 08:00 am on Sundays), the night bus lines handle transits from Toronto Airport. Thus, you can take Bus 300 to Bloor St East at Yonge St East Side and change to Bus Line 320 (Yonge Night Bus) to Union Station or catch Bus 332 to Yonge St at Berwick Ave and then continue with Bus 320. Both buses run every 30 minutes, while the ride from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto with Buses 300 or 332 lasts around 90 minutes.

No matter the bus line you may choose, the fare remains the same. Thus, if you pay in cash inside the bus (you’ll have to give the exact amount of money though), the fare for your ride will be 3.25$/2.37 USD/2.22€. Please remember to ask the driver for a transfer ticket for your onward bus or subway journey. Alternatively, you can buy a PRESTO Ticket from the airport’s vending machines and tap it once entering the bus. Last but not least, you can buy a 6$/4.37 USD/4.10€ reloadable PRESTO Card from the ticket devices or the UP customer service counter. In that case, the cost of your bus trip will be 3.20$/2.30 USD/2.16€. PRESTO Cards must be tapped inside the bus as well. PRESTO Cards and Tickets allow unlimited rides with the TTC modes of transit within a two-hour period of time.

Our Tip 1: The bus stops at Toronto Airport are located at the Ground level of T1 (Column R4) and the Arrivals level of T3 (C8-C12).

Our Tip 2: Two-way and day pass PRESTO Tickets can be used by multiple passengers for the same ride.

Our Tip 3: Children 0-12 years old don’t pay for their ticket.

The GO Transit Buses from Toronto Airport to Downtown Toronto

Apart from the TTC buses, you can opt for a ride with one of the GO Transit lines serving the airport. Thus, you can take Bus 34 to Yorkdale Terminal and hop on Subway Line 1 to Union Station (or to the TTC Bus 320 at Yonge St at Florence Ave during the night). The GO Bus 34 runs from 03:50 am to 02:50 am every 1-2 hours. The cost of your ride will be 9.60$/7.10 USD/6.50€ (6.40$/4.60 USD/4.30€ for Bus 34 and 3.20$/2.30 USD/2.16€ for the TTC bus or subway), and you’ll be at your destination in around 60 minutes. On the other hand, the GO Bus 40 runs almost around the clock every 30 minutes. Hence, Bus 40 will take you to Hwy 407 Bus Terminal. There, you can take Subway Line 1. During the night shift, you’ll have to disembark at Yonge St. @ Hwy. 407 and take Bus 61D. Both lines’ traveling time and fare will be somewhat the same. Please keep in mind that a GO Transit bus stop lies only in Toronto airport terminal 1 (Columns Q2-Q4).

Our Tip: The previous prices concern payments with PRESTO Cards (valid for the GO Transit network as well). If you want to buy a ticket from the airport’s automatic vendors, the prices will be slightly higher. Contactless payments are also an option.

Toronto Airport to Downtown by Train

The airport train is, by far, the fastest and most popular option for rides from Toronto Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto (at least for public ones). The UP Express departs from the UP Express Station -lying next to Terminal LINK Station (the free train connecting the two Toronto airport terminals) on terminal 1- every 15 minutes from 05:27 am (06:27 am on Sundays and holidays) to 11:27 pm. Trains are accessible and equipped with luggage racks, Wi-Fi-, charging points, and information boards with live flight updates. UP fares are calculated by distance. Thus, the ride to the city center will last 25 minutes and cost you 12.35$/9 USD/8.40€. Tickets are available online, through the app, and via the airport ticket vendors, or the ticket counters (counters don’t accept cash payments though). If you have a PRESTO Card, the ticket price will be 9.25$/6.70 USD/6.30€. Finally, contactless payments are valid at the UP network (via one of the PRESTO payment devices). Children 0-12 years of age travel for free. 

Car Rental from Pearson Airport to Downtown Toronto

Toronto airport car rentals are ideal for travelers relishing independent rides. There’s nothing more convenient than having your car rental waiting for you as soon as you land at Pearson Airport. In that way, all you’ll have to do is put the key to the engine and start your ride to the beautiful Ontario capital. As a matter of fact, booking in advance guarantee tempting deals and a wide selection of vehicles while can save you valuable time from the car rental procedures at the airport. Thus, you should do your research to ferret out the ideal rental car for you. Numerous car rental companies operate inside or close to Pearson Airport, after all. 

Once beginning your journey to downtown Toronto, you should expect a 25-35-minute ride. Still, heavy traffic during peak hours (from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm) can raise that time considerably. As far as parking is concerned, free street parking is extremely hard in downtown Toronto. Overall, street parking is difficult. Hence, the most hassle-free way to park your Toronto car rental (unless your hotel offers parking services) is to book a spot in one of the city’s car parks.

Toronto Airport Transfers from Pearson Airport to Downtown Toronto

If you aim to find the most comfortable way to get to your destination after landing at YYZ Airport, you should opt for a Toronto airport transfer. Private airport transfers offer the most lavish traveling experience from Toronto Airport to downtown as not only do they provide door-to-door rides and top-quality services, but they manage to customize the entire transfer. Welcome services, the vehicle of your choice, a highly trained and area-knowledgeable driver, and many add-ons are only some of the reasons why you should settle on a Toronto airport transfer. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the cost of your ride, all you have to do is compare the options. Toronto International Airport thankfully houses plenty of private transfer companies. Therefore, their prices are competitive.


How to get from Toronto Airport to downtown?

Apart from the comfortable airport taxis and the luxurious Toronto airport transfers, you should also find plenty of car rental providers operating at the airport. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable way to travel from Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto, the UP Train or the cheap yet indirect bus lines serving the airport should be your top choices.

How much is a taxi from Toronto Airport to downtown?

Even though Toronto taxis are metered, the airport taxis offer pre-determined fares to YYZ passengers. Thus, the ride from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto should cost 61$/44 USD/41€, depending on the location of your drop-off.

How long does the train take from Toronto Airport to downtown?

The UP Train is the fastest way to travel from Toronto Airport to downtown. Leaving every 15 minutes, the UP needs only 25 minutes to get to Union Station, the major rail hub located in the city center.