Toronto Car Rentals

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Car Rental in Toronto

Toronto’s public transit system is quite efficient. Trains, streetcars (trams), buses, and subway lines run around the city, connecting each and every part of Ontario’s capital city. What’s more, Toronto is considered a walkable city, whereas taxis circulate all over its city center. Still, a car rental is always a good idea if you want to feel free during your stay and enjoy independent and self-planned rides. Even though traffic inside the city limits can be high and parking difficult, a car rental allows you to leave the big city behind and explore its nearby areas. The magnificent Niagara Falls are only 90-120 minutes away, after all.

Do I Need a Car in Toronto?

If you are planning on wandering around downtown Toronto, opting for a Toronto car rental would be a controversial choice. Verily, Toronto’s public transit means are adequate, whereas Toronto taxis are the 24/7 available option for those who don’t mind the expense. Thus, why cope with the traffic jams or worry about parking your car rental? Conversely, Toronto car rentals are most probably the only alternative for travelers wishing to explore the nearby areas or even drive to another Canadian province. In those cases, a taxi ride will be extremely expensive, whereas a journey with public transit means will be particularly tiring, if even possible at all.

How to Rent a Car in Toronto?

The best way to rent a car in Toronto is to use a search engine to check and compare all the available options. Toronto hosts various car rental companies, from international providers to local agencies. Thus, the options are numerous, and the prices are competitive. Hence, after reaching your decision, all you have to do is fill out the booking form. Once completing the procedure, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This email is the voucher for your reservation.


How to Make a Profitable Car Rental Reservation

  • On-the-spot bookings are always an option. However, in-advance reservations come with better deals, lower prices, and a wider variety of vehicle options.
  • The sooner you make your reservation, the better deals you’ll ferret out.
  • Checking out previous customers’ reviews is always useful.
  • Add-ons (child seats, extra drivers, GPS, prepaid tolls, etc.) raise the final price.
  • Before starting your ride with your Toronto car rental, you should take some pics of the vehicle to capture existing damages.
  • The “fuel-to-fuel” option is usually more affordable, as Toronto car rental companies tend to overcharge fuel.
  • Have you not decided on your drop-off time yet? You should make up your mind wisely, as car rental companies charge per 24 hours. Thus, if you exceed that time limit, you’ll have to pay for an extra day.

How Old Do you Have to Be to Rent a Car in Toronto?

21 is the minimum age limit to rent a car in Toronto. Moreover, at least one year of driving experience is required. Still, young drivers (between 21 and 24 years of age) usually have to leave a higher deposit than drivers over 25 years old.

What Do you Need to Rent a Car in Toronto?

A valid driver’s license -obtained at least one year before the rental date- along with an ID or passport and a credit card are required to rent a car in Toronto. Moreover, if you have booked your rental car in advance, the car rental company will ask you to hand over the voucher (the confirmation email receiver once completing the reservation procedure). On the other hand, if your driver’s license isn’t written in Latin characters, the issue of an International Driving Permit will also be necessary.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Toronto?

The price of a car rental depends on numerous factors. Thus, the vehicle’s type, the rental duration, the time of the year, and the booking method (on the spot or in advance) are only some of the factors affecting the final cost of a Toronto rental car. In general terms, the average price of a mid-size car rental in Toronto is 55$/40 USD/37.50€.

Where to Rent a Car in Toronto?

Overall, renting your car from Toronto Pearson Airport will be somewhat costlier than renting it from another city’s location. On the other hand, there’s nothing more convenient than having your Toronto airport car rental waiting for you as soon as you land at YYZ. Hence, if you can afford it, don’t overthink it: rent a car at Toronto Airport.

What is the Most Popular Rental Car in Toronto?

Depending on their needs and destinations, Toronto visitors pick different car types. Thus, big families or travelers wishing to explore the nearby areas usually settle on SUVs or four-wheel drives. On the other hand, visitors traveling for business opt for sedans, whereas those planning on staying inside the city’s limits prefer compact cars. As a matter of fact, Nissan Kicks and Mitsubishi Mirage are two of the most popular car rental models in Toronto.

Do you Need a Credit Card to Rent a Car in Toronto?

A credit card is necessary to rent a car in Toronto. The credit card must be in the main driver’s name and must be the one used as a payment method as well. Some Toronto car rental companies accept debit cards too, but usually not for luxury cars.

Do you Need Insurance to Rent a Car in Toronto?

Renting a car in Toronto comes with damage waiver insurance. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to opt for full insurance so as to be covered in the unfortunate event of an accident or damage. In any case, you should check if any of your credit cards offer car rental insurance coverage to save money on insurance expenses.

Is Parking Easy in Toronto?

Truth to be told, parking in Toronto isn’t easy. When it comes to street parking in the city center, free parking is almost out of the question, whereas paid spots are hard to find. Nevertheless, you are allowed to park in some areas for up to 3 hours after 09:00 pm on weekdays and 01:00 pm on Sundays, without extra charge. On the other hand, many car parks are to be found around the city. You can use one of the available parking apps and find your parking spot hassle-free.

Useful Info About Toronto Car Rental

  • Most Toronto car rental companies allow traveling to other Canadian provinces.
  • If you want a different drop-off location than the pick-up point, you should be prepared to pay an extra fee.
  • Some car rental agencies have daily distance limits while others don’t set similar restrictions. Thus, you should check out the terms of your reservation carefully.
  • You should always respect traffic laws. If you get fined, the car rental company will charge the amount of money to your credit card or send you the fine added to the shipping fees. 
  • During rush hours (approximately from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm), the traffic levels are high.
  • The alcohol limit in Toronto is 0.08.
  • Toronto drivers drive on the right side of the road.
  • All passengers must at all times wear seatbelts.