Toronto Airport Transfers

Premium Travel Services from Toronto Pearson Airport

What is a Toronto Airport Transfer

If you think Toronto airport taxis are the most luxurious way to transit from Pearson Airport, a Toronto airport transfer will leave you open-mouthed. So, what are the so-called Toronto airport transfers? They are actually pre-booked transfers from the airport to the destination of your choice. Pre-paid, offering set fares and no hidden charges, Toronto airport transfers are highly appreciated by YYZ passengers valuing comfort and convenience during their travels. With a private airport transfer, a highly-trained driver will handle your ride. Welcome services at the airport, assistance with luggage, and door-to-door rides are among the top plus points of a Toronto airport transfer. Verily, the driver will be waiting for you at the pick-up point, helping you with your personal items and escorting you to the vehicle of your choice outside the airport’s exit doors. During the ride, you can ask all your questions, as all the drivers of Toronto airport transfer companies are area-knowledgeable and eager to inform you about the city’s must-see places as well as its hidden gems.

Our Tip: As soon as you book your reservation form, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please keep this email as it is the voucher for your transfer, and you’ll probably be asked to show it to the driver once meeting at the airport.

Why Choose a Toronto Airport Transfer Over an Ordinary Airport Taxi

Toronto airport taxis are readily waiting at the airport taxi ranks around the clock. Moreover, they offer adequate services at pre-determined fares. Thus, there are overall considered a convenient way to travel from Toronto Pearson Airport. Still, Toronto airport transfers gather all the benefits of a taxi ride but also elevate the entire traveling experience.


  • They provide customized services. From the vehicle’s type to any add-ons, during the booking process, you can select every detail of your transfer so as to relish a journey totally adjusted to your needs and preferences.
  • No matter the time of the day or the day of the week, the driver will be waiting for you at the pick-up point. Even if your flight is delayed. With a Toronto airport transfer, you can save time at the airport, especially during peak hours, when the possibility of waiting in line in the taxi ranks is always in the cards.
  • Taxi drivers are competent enough. Still, Toronto airport transfer companies cherry-pick their staff, valuing their experience and skills and submitting them to regular training. Moreover, they are all area-knowledgeable, thus on tap to give you useful advice about your stay in Toronto.
  • Toronto airport transfer companies’ fleets consist of as-good-as-new vehicles of all types. Even though Toronto taxis are, in general terms, well-maintained, the vehicles handling private airport transfers pass all the necessary inspections and services and are replaced by new models regularly.
  • Although add-ons are charged extra, they are counted on the final price. Thus, later surcharges or hidden costs are out of the question.

Why Choose a Toronto Airport Transfer Over Public Transportation

The public transit modes serving Toronto Pearson Airport are, without a doubt, the most affordable way to travel to your destination. Various bus lines leave YYZ heading to Toronto and its suburbs, while the UP Train reaches downtown Toronto in just 25 minutes. Nevertheless, are they the most comfortable option to get to your journey’s end after a possibly tiring flight?


  • When booking a Toronto airport transfer, you can rest assured that your driver will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to help you with your luggage and show you the way to the reserved vehicle. Conversely, if you intend on traveling via train or bus, you’ll have to reach the bus or train station carrying your luggage along the way.
  • Toronto airport transfers offer door-to-door services. On the contrary, when using public transit modes, you’ll have to find the right route for your destination, potentially change lines, and walk to your accommodation from the disembarking stop.
  • While traveling with a bus or the UP Train, your personal items are exposed. Hence, you risk getting pickpocketed. During a Toronto airport transfer, your luggage is safely stored in the vehicle’s trunk.

Toronto Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

Toronto airport transfers are somewhat costlier than airport taxis. Still, they totally justify their price, providing top-rated services and many extra amenities and aiming at ultimately elevated experiences. In any case, a usual taxi ride from Toronto Airport to downtown Toronto costs 61$/44 USD/41€. On the other hand, Toronto airport transfers charge approximately 77$/56 USD/52.50€ for the same ride.

Toronto Airport Transfer to Hotels

If you want to reach your accommodation in Toronto in style and comfort, you should definitely opt for a Toronto airport transfer. Having your driver waiting for you at the airport, on tap to take your luggage, and lead you to the vehicle parked outside the terminals should be priceless after your flight -when all you want to do is check in to your hotel as soon as possible. Additionally, you’ll be dropped off in front of your accommodation’s doors while receiving valuable info about Toronto’s sightseeing and hidden gems. However, if you want to save money on your journey’s budget, you should check if your hotel offers free transfer services from the airport.


How does an airport transfer work?

After settling on the Toronto airport transfer company that will handle your ride from the airport, you’ll have to fill out the relevant booking form. Hence, a driver will be assigned to you. Holding a card with your name, the driver will wait for your arrival at the airport -even if your flight is delayed- to welcome and escort you to the reserved vehicle before driving you in comfort to your accommodation’s doors.

What are the benefits of using airport transfer services?

Apart from the door-to-door rides, Toronto airport transfers offer welcome services at the airport. Many add-ons are available depending on your preferences, while the vehicles handling the transfers are top-of-the-line, and the drivers are highly skilled. Overall, private airport transfers provide customized services, minimizing waiting time at the airport and eliminating the hassle of the rides to the passengers’ final destinations.