How to Get from Toronto Airport to Hamilton

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Transit Options from Toronto Airport to Hamilton

If you plan on visiting the beautiful Hamilton lying on the western side of Lake Ontario, you’ll find plenty of transit options once arriving at Pearson Airport. Verily, Hamilton, with its industrial background clearly reflected in its urban ambiance, lies only 38.50 miles/63km from YYZ Airport. Thus, you can travel with a Toronto airport taxi or opt for a luxury private airport transfer. On the other hand, Hamilton is surrounded by scenic countryside, parks, and majestic waterfalls. Hence, a Toronto airport car rental would be ideal for exploring those areas. Last but not least, travelers on a tight budget can use the around-the-clock GO Transit buses heading to Hamilton GO Center.


OptionsPrice (CA$)Price (USD)Price (€)Duration
Taxi111807545-50 min
Bus12.709.258.6080 min

Toronto Airport to Hamilton by Taxi

Toronto airport taxis are lining up around the clock outside Door D of the Toronto airport terminal 1 and Doors D, E, and F of T3. The readily available taxis are one of the most convenient and safe transit options from Toronto Airport to Hamilton as long as you catch them from the airport taxi ranks. As a matter of fact, some scamming incidents have been reported at Pearson Airport, when individual drivers offering tempting prices overcharged unsuspecting passengers. 

Thus, after taking your cab from one of the Toronto airport taxi stands, you can start your 45-60-minute ride to Hamilton. Please keep in mind that during peak hours, traveling time can be up to 80 minutes. In any case, the cost of your taxi journey will be around 111$/80 USD/75€, depending on your exact destination in Hamilton. Moreover, if you travel with excessive luggage, you’ll have to use a van vehicle, costing an extra 15$/11 USD/10€ fee. On the other hand, tipping is optional. Still, it is customary to tip the driver (10%-15% of the final fare) for sufficient services. You can use cash or bank cards to pay for your taxi fare. However, it is recommended to check with your driver just to be sure.

Our Tip: Ride-sharing is another alternative for your ride from Toronto Airport to Hamilton.

Toronto Airport to Hamilton by Bus

If you want to save money on your transit expenses, you can settle on a bus ride from Toronto Airport to Hamilton. The GO Transit Bus 40 departs from the bus stop located in T1 (Columns Q2-Q4) and heads to Hamilton Go Center. Bus 40 runs around the clock, with a 30-minute frequency during peak hours and hourly at other times. The bus route lasts around 70-80 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. As far as payments are concerned, you can buy your single-ride ticket from the bus driver paying 12.70$/9.25 USD/8.60€ (yet not via cash), or purchase it online. Alternatively, you can use a rechargeable PRESTO Card costing 6$/4.37 USD/4.10€. PRESTO Cards are sold at the airport’s vending machines or the UP Express customer service counters (cash is accepted only at the automatic devices). With a PRESTO Card, your ticket to Hamilton will be priced at 10.68$/7.90 USD/7.30€. Please keep in mind that you’ll have to tap your card before starting your bus trip. Last but not least, contactless payments are available on the PRESTO payment devices as well.

Our Tip: Children 0-12 years old travel for free.

Car Rental from Toronto Airport to Hamilton

Toronto airport car rentals are the perfect choice for travelers wishing to schedule their everyday itinerary in their own way and explore Hamilton’s surrounding areas at their own pace. Toronto Pearson Airport houses plenty of car rental providers, while various companies lie close by. Hence, you won’t face particular difficulties in finding a tempting deal. Even more so, early bookings guarantee lower prices and a wider variety of available vehicles.

The ride from Toronto Airport to Hamilton should last around 45-50 minutes. Nevertheless, heavy traffic can raise that time considerably, even double it. In any case, once reaching Hamilton, you’ll have to park your Toronto car rental. It is always recommended to opt for an accommodation offering parking services. Still, if this isn’t the case, you should opt for street parking (free, in general terms, for the first two hours in the downtown area), head to one of the city’s municipal parks, or search for a private parking garage.

Toronto Airport Transfers from Pearson Airport to Hamilton

If you want to travel in style and comfort from Toronto Airport to Hamilton, you should definitely opt for a Toronto airport transfer. In that way, your assigned driver will be waiting for you at the airport even if your flight is delayed, ready to assist you with your luggage and answer all your questions about your trip to Ontario. In the meanwhile, the vehicle of your preference and choice will be parked just outside the terminal’s doors. After getting yourself comfortable in the back seat, you’ll relish a safe and smooth drive to your destination in Hamilton. Are you tempted by the quality of Toronto airport transfers but also worried about their prices? Through thorough research, you’ll almost certainly come up with a value-for-money option.


How far is it from Toronto Airport to Hamilton?

The distance from Pearson Airport to Hamilton is around 38.50 miles/62km. Thus, a car ride from Toronto Airport to Hamilton lasts 45-50 minutes under normal traffic conditions, whereas the duration of a bus journey is about 80 minutes.

How to transfer from Toronto Airport to Hamilton?

You’ll have various alternatives to traverse the 38.50-mile/62-km distance from Toronto Airport to Hamilton. Thus, apart from autonomous car rentals and ordinary airport taxis, Toronto airport transfers are the most luxurious way to travel to your destination. Conversely, GO Transit buses are the most affordable option for your ride.