How to Get from Toronto Airport to Brampton

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Transit Options from Toronto Airport to Brampton

The city of Brampton lies close to Pearson Airport, within a 15-mile/24-km distance. Thus, if you want to visit the multicultural Brampton with its many parks, museums, art galleries, and the in sync with its cosmopolitan character variety of dining options, you can make your pick among the following transit alternatives. Thus, Toronto airport taxis are always available at YYZ Airport, whereas private airport transfers guarantee an elevated traveling experience. On the other hand, airport car rentals are valued for their autonomy and airport buses for their low-cost fares.

Our Tip: You can also settle on a train ride from Toronto Pearson Airport to Brampton. Hence, you can take the UP Train to Weston Station and change to KI – Mountain Pleasant GOTrain Line to Brampton Go Station. Nevertheless, this option, besides being longer and costlier, will require a change of line, adding hassle to your transit.


OptionsPrice (CA$)Price (USD)Price (€)Duration
Taxi62454220-30 min
Bus42.902.7040 min

Toronto Airport to Brampton by Taxi

If you are looking for a fast and around-the-clock alternative for your transit from Toronto Airport to Brampton, you should opt for a Toronto airport taxi. Verily, airport taxis are always present at the YYZ taxi ranks, located close to T1’s Door D and to Doors D, E, and F of T3. Even during peak hours, the airport’s staff is on tap to decongest the ranks and shorten the existing waiting lines. Therefore, there’s no reason to trust individual drivers who may approach you at the airport. In other words, the only way to avoid getting scammed or overcharged is to catch an official taxi vehicle from the taxi stand.

Brampton isn’t far away from Pearson Airport. Hence, your ride with an airport taxi should last around 20-30 minutes. Nevertheless, during rush hours, the traffic congestion will raise that time to even 55 minutes. The cost of your journey will be around 62$/45 USD/42€, depending on the exact location of your destination in Brampton. Should you carry excessive luggage, you’ll have to pay an extra 15$/11 USD/10€ fare and take a van vehicle. On the other hand, you aren’t obligated to tip the driver. Still, for pleasant rides, locals usually leave a 10%-15% tip. You can pay for your Toronto airport taxi ride with cash or by using a bank card. If you intend on paying via a credit/debit card, it is always advisable to let the driver know.

Our Tip: Are you planning on using ride-sharing services? You’ll find plenty of providers operating at Toronto International Airport.

Toronto Airport to Brampton by Bus

YYZ travelers on a tight budget usually opt for a bus ride from Toronto Pearson Airport to Brampton. The Brampton Transit Bus 115 is the express bus line linking the airport to Bramalea Terminal. The stop is to be found at Bramalea City Center, the vast Brampton shopping mall. You can catch your bus from the Ground level of Toronto airport terminal 1 (Column S2). Bus 115 runs from 05:30 am to 01:10 am with available routes every 25-30 minutes and needs around 40 minutes to get to Bramalea Terminal. The ticket fare for the bus ride from Toronto Pearson Airport to Brampton costs 4$/2.90 USD/2.70€. You can buy your ticket from the automatic vendors close to Doors B and R of Toronto airport terminal 1. Tickets are available inside the bus as well. However, you’ll have to hand over the exact amount of cash. Alternatively, you can buy a PRESTO Card from the automatic vendors or UP Express customer service counters, paying  6$/4.37 USD/4.10€. If you use those rechargeable cards to pay for your ride’s fare, the journey’s fee will be 3.10$/2.26 USD/2.10€. Moreover, contactless payments are accepted too. In any case, children between 0 and 5 years of age travel out of charge.

Our Tip: You can change to lines provided by other agencies (MiWay, GO Transit, York Region Transit, UP Express, etc.) within two hours from the first ride without paying an extra fee. If buying your ticket inside the bus, you’ll have to ask for a paper transfer ticket.

Car Rental from Toronto Airport to Brampton

Toronto airport car rentals are ideal not only for your ride from Toronto Pearson Airport to Brampton but also for your onward journeys to the nearby regions and attractions. YYZ Airport houses many car rental agencies. Moreover, many providers lie at a close distance from the airport complex. Therefore, you can find a value-for-money deal and hire the car model of your preference without burdening your budget. In fact, the sooner you make the reservation, the better prices you’ll ferret out.

Once putting the keys on the engine of your Toronto car rental, you should expect a 20-30-minute drive to Brampton. However, during peak hours, roads tend to get congested. Thus, your journey can last up to 55 minutes. As far as parking is concerned, you can leave your vehicle on the street (yet you’ll have to pay a parking fee) or settle on one of the city’s municipal car parks or even on a private parking garage. Street parking in downtown Brampton is free for up to 3 hours from Monday to Saturday from 06:00 pm to 09:00 am and on Sundays.

Toronto Airport Transfers from Pearson Airport to Brampton

The comfort and quality of Toronto airport transfers are priceless, especially if landing at Toronto Pearson Airport after a long and tedious flight. A Toronto airport transfer guarantees the most pleasant and hassle-free ride from Toronto Airport to Brampton. Your driver will be waiting at the Arrivals hall, holding a sign with your name, ready to take your luggage and show you the way to the vehicle of your preference outside the exit doors. You are free to ask any question about your journey to Ontario, as most of the drivers are area-knowledgeable and on tap to offer you useful advice and tips on how to make your stay a 100% success story. On the other hand, Toronto airport transfers are costlier than ordinary rides from the airport. Still, not only do they justify their cost, but through a search-and-compare process, you can come up with a tempting offer for your transfer to Brampton.


How far is Brampton from the airport?

Brampton is located close to the airport. As a matter of fact, it lies 15 miles/24km from Toronto International Airport. Hence, a taxi or car drive from Toronto Airport to Brampton should last around 20-30 minutes, while the duration of the bus journey to Bramalea City Center is about 40 minutes.

How to get to Brampton from the airport?

Apart from the ordinary airport taxis, you can opt for a lavish Toronto airport transfer or an autonomous car rental to get from Toronto Pearson Airport to Brampton. Conversely, if traveling on a budget, you can hop on Bus 115, running to Bramalea City Center almost every 25 minutes.

How much is a taxi from Toronto Pearson Airport to Brampton Ontario?

A taxi ride from Toronto Airport to Brampton usually lasts around 20-30 minutes. During peak hours, the traveling time can be up to 55 minutes. In any case, the cost of the taxi journey is approximately 62$/45 USD/42€, depending on your journey’s end in Brampton’s area.