Toronto Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport Connections to Downtown Toronto and Suburbs

Shuttles and Buses from and to Toronto Airport​

Many bus lines operate at Toronto Pearson Airport, connecting the largest Canadian aviation hub to numerous parts of the city as well as to its suburbs. Verily, many TTC lines depart from the two Toronto airport terminals linking Toronto Airport to downtown and to various city areas while providing subway connections. On the other hand, GO Buses run to the suburbs. Moreover, the local Miway buses link Pearson Airport to the Mississauga area, and the express bus of Brampton Transit offers rides to the city of Brampton. 

The TTC Toronto Airport Bus Lines

The TTC buses -the bus lines provided by the public transit provider in charge of Toronto’s bus, subway, and streetcar (tram) system- link the airport to various hubs of the city or at least to subway stations, from where YYZ passengers can travel to almost every destination of their choice. In detail, the bus lines leaving from the Ground level of Toronto airport terminal 1 (Column R4) and the Arrivals level of T3 (Columns C8-C12) are:

  • The Bus Line 52 (Lawrence West)

Bus Line 52A leaves the airport heading to Lawrence West. The bus is accessible and runs approximately from 06:00 am to 01:00 am on weekdays and from 08:00 am to 01:00 am on Sundays, every 10 minutes (or better).

  • The Bus Line 900 (Airport Express)

The Airport Express Bus 900 is the bus running to Kipling Station. Accessible and equipped with luggage racks, it operates approximately from 06:00 am to 01:00 am and from 08:00 am to 01:00 am on Sundays with a 10-minute frequency. Bus 900 needs around 20 minutes to reach Kipling Station from Pearson Airport.

  • The Bus Line 952 (Lawrence West Express)

The express bus connects the airport to Lawrence West. The coaches are accessible and run overall during peak hours, only on weekdays.

  • The Night Bus Line 300 (Bloor-Danforth)

The Night Bus 300A heads to the Bloor-Danforth Corridor, running every 30 minutes from 01:30 am to 06:00 am (to 08:00 am on Sundays). The average traveling time to its destination is 45-50 minutes.

  • The Night Bus Line 332 (Eglinton West)

Bus Line 332 is also a night route, operating from 01:30 am to 06:00 am on weekdays and to 08:00 am on Sundays. Its frequency is also around 30 minutes, and its destination is Eglinton Station. The coaches serving this route are accessible.

  • The Night Bus Line 352 (Lawrence West)

Bus 352 is the bus line serving the Laurence West area during the night shift. Hence, it runs from 01:30 am to the end of the shift (06:00 am from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 am on Sundays) every 30 minutes. This line is accessible as well.

The Fares for the TTC Toronto Airport Bus Lines

In general terms, a single ticket for the TTC bus lines costs 3.25$/2.37 USD/2.22€. However, you’ll have the following options to pay for your ticket:

  • Using cash

You can buy your ticket from the operator inside the bus. Still, you should keep in mind that you’ll have to give the exact amount of money. Thus, onboard tickets are an option as long as you have the exact cash. The price for a ticket is 3.25$/2.37 USD/2.22€, whereas seniors (65+) and passengers aged 13-19 years old pay 2.30$/1.68 USD/1.58€. If you settle on a cash payment, please note that you are allowed to make an onward transfer at one transfer point along your way. If you indeed wish so, you should ask the operator for a paper ticket indicating the transfer.

Our Tip: Two routes may not have stops in common. Still, there are certain transit locations where you can use a paper ticket to a transfer point within a walking distance.

  • The PRESTO Tickets

The PRESTO Tickets are available from the airport vending machines. They are to be found near Door R, at the public area of the T1 ground Level, and close to Door B, at the public area of the T3 Arrivals level. A one-ride PRESTO Ticket costs 3.25$/2.37 USD/2.22€, a two-ride ticket 6.50$/4.70 USD/4.40€, and a day pass 13.50$/9.80 USD/9.20€. Two-ride tickets and day passes can be used by multiple passengers during the same journey. What’s more, with a PRESTO Ticket, you can make unlimited use of the TTC network for a 2-hour period of time.

Our Tip: You’ll have to tap your ticket once entering the bus.

  • The PRESTO Cards

The PRESTO Cards are rechargeable cards that can be loaded with money but not daily or weekly passes. They are available from the airport’s vending machines or the UP Express customer service counters. When you buy the card, you also set the fare type. Thus, even if PRESTO Cards can be used by more than one passenger (not at the same time though), youth can use an adult PRESTO Card, but adults aren’t entitled to use a youth’s card. One single ticket with the PRESTO Card costs 3.20$/2.30 USD/2.16€, and a youth ticket is 2.25$/1.65 USD/1.55€. A PRESTO Card itself is priced at 6$/4.37 USD/4.10€. With the PRESTO Card, you can also make unlimited use of trams, buses, and subway lines for 2 hours, while those cards also provide various discounts to Toronto’s sights and events. 

Our Tip 1: You’ll have to tap your PRESTO Card onboard as well.

Our Tip 2: No matter the payment method, children 0-12 travel for free.

Our Tip 3: PRESTO Cards and Tickets are valid for journeys within the TTC network. Even though located in Mississauga, Pearson Airport is included in the Toronto fare zone. 

Our Tip 4: If you travel in a TTC mode before your journey with a GO Train/Bus or a UP Express Train, and you want to make an onward TTC journey right after disembarking the GO Train/Bus or the UP, you can save the ticket from your first transit and re-use it.

The GO Transit Toronto Airport Bus Lines

Two GO Transit bus lines serve Toronto International Airport, providing its passengers with transit services to Toronto’s suburbs. Thus, the GO Bus 34 departs from the Ground level of T1 (Column Q2-Q4) to Finch Bus Terminal. Buses run from 03:50 am to 02:50 am every 1-2 hours (with slightly scarcer routes on weekends). Tickets cost 7.55$/5.50 USD/5.16€. On the other hand, Bus 40 heads to Richmond Hill on its eastbound route, and Hamilton GO in its westbound direction, almost around the clock, with available itineraries every 30 minutes. The tickets for the GO Bus 40 (to Hamilton GO) are priced at 12.70$/9.25 USD/8.60€. Both tickets are available online or via the T1 vending machine. PRESTO contactless payments are accepted for GO Transit rides as well.

Our Tip: With a rechargeable PRESTO Card, you’ll have to pay 6.40$/4.60 USD/4.30€ for Bus 34 and 10.60$/7.70 USD/7.20€ for Bus 40.

The Brampton Transit Toronto Airport Bus Lines

The Brampton Transit Bus 115 is the express line linking the airport and the city of Brampton. Heading to Bramalea Term, Bus 115 leaves from the Ground Level of T1 (Column S2) and costs 4$/2.90 USD/2.70€ if bought from the airport’s automatic machines lying close to Doors B and R of Toronto airport terminal 1 (on the Ground level). Alternatively, you can buy your ticket from the operator inside the bus, only if you have the exact amount of money though. With a PRESTO Card, a single ticket is 3.10$/2.26 USD/2.10€. Its operating hours are from 05:30 am to 01:10 am, and its frequency is around 25 minutes.

The MiWay Toronto Airport Bus Lines

Serving the Mississauga district where the airport is located, the MiWay bus lines are the local coaches linking the airport to its nearby region. Thus, both express and ordinary lines leave from the Ground level of T1 (Column S4) and Viscount Station. Bus 7 heads to the city center, while Lines 24 and 107 depart from Viscount Station to different parts of the Mississauga zone. Their fare is 4$/2.90 USD/2.70€ (3.10$/2.26 USD/2.10€ with a PRESTO Card), and tickets are available through the airport’s automatic machines or onboard (only with exact cash).

Intercity Buses from Toronto Airport

Various bus companies are present at Pearson Airport, providing transit to other Ontario cities or even to some US areas. Thus, the following providers connect YYZ Airport to further-distanced destinations:

  • Century Airline Service (to Peterborough region)
  • Coach Canada and Megabus (to Belleville, Kingston, etc.)
  • FlixBus (to Kingston, Kitchener, etc., with connections to Ottawa, London, etc.)
  • Grey-Bruce Airbus (to Bruce County and closeby regions)
  • Niagara Airbus (to Niagara region)
  • Ontario Coachway (Quinte/Northumberland Airport Service) (to the Greater Kingston and Napanee Region)
  • Ontario Northland
  • Robert Q Airbus (Southern Ontario)
  • TOK Coachlines (to Orangeville, Palmerston, Southhampton, etc.)

Important Note: Please check each company’s website for current routes, timetables, and availability.


How much is the 900 Airport Express?

A single ticket for Bus Line 900 costs 3.25$/2.37 USD/2.22€. If you have a PRESTO Card, the fare is barely cheaper, at 3.20$/2.30 USD/2.16€.

How to use the TTC bus in Toronto?

The TTC buses leave from both Toronto airport terminals. Explicitly, they depart from the Ground level of Toronto airport terminal 1 (Column R4) and the Arrivals level of T3 (Columns C8-C12). You can buy your bus fare onboard (yet only if you have the exact amount of money) or purchase a PRESTO Ticket from the airport’s automatic vendors, or opt for a rechargeable PRESTO Card. PRESTO Tickets and Cards must be tapped once entering the bus. 

Does TTC accept cash on bus?

For the time being, you can use cash to pay for your ticket inside the TTC buses. However, you’ll have to hand over the exact amount of money.